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About Us
At Harvard Custom Woodworking we build high-quality custom cabinetry from select hardwoods such as Pennsylvania cherry, West Virginia black walnut, New England red oak, and Central American mahogany.
 Our work is "one-of-a-kind, one-at-a-time", tailored to your requirements, custom-sized to the sixteenth of an inch.
Also, we'll maintain a continuous grain across adjacent drawer fronts, to the extent possible, as they are viewed, left to right, for example:
 Copyright 2004, Harvard Custom Woodworking
We choose lumber for good color and grain-match, using a single board where doors close together :
These are features which one does not find in factory built cabinets, and they lend to that high-end appearance found in the most finely appointed homes.
Typical case-construction includes appropriate veneers on veneer-core--no particle-board and no fiber-board.
Solid maple, dovetailed drawers provide a durable, attractive feature for cabinets that will last a lifetime.
We use the same techniques for wall-systems, entertainment centers, as weel as for home offices.
Our furniture is constructed of all-solid hardwoods with an eye toward historical significance and accuracy. Drawer-boxes with dovetails, machine or hand-cut, are a must. Solid-bottoms, under-beveled to fit into the drawer box, reflect as much historical aspect as do the hand-cut doves.
Period brasses and a fine lacquer finish complete each piece.
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